Until now, the landscape told us stories of the ice that formed the land. The forested valleys and round topped hills were formed by moving ice we were told. Today we saw it happen. We boarded our Zodiacs like we have so many times but today we felt something different. Today we sailed toward the sculptor in all its glistening, icy robes.

The Dawes Glacier sat at the end of Endicott Arm like the flukes of a giant blue ice whale.

The icebergs in the bay were every shade of blue with white frosting.

Floating pebbles of glacial debris clicked and popped as we passed.

Today we felt the power of nature able to take away all that we associate with life giving nurturance.

We sat like pebbles in our boats at the bottom of huge granite walls smooth and bare. We felt a power much greater than ourselves.

Glassy ice crystals are heavy sculptures in our hands.

We left the world of human centered thinking and felt ourselves at home in humble awe. We found our place in the family of things, and we were not at the top.