Today we woke up to an unusually sunny and warm day in Endicott Arm. The sky was bright as we loaded into the Zodiacs to get a closer look at Dawes Glacier. Surrounded by the towering snow-capped mountains, we were speechless over the pristine, majestic beauty surrounding us. Waterfalls from meltwater, u-shaped valleys carved by the glacial ice, and harbor seals peeking out of the water to say hello, made this a favorite moment for many of the guests. We advanced upon beacons of ice floating in the sea with beautiful shades of blue, differing spatial patterns, and a sunlit backdrop. We watched in wonder as large pieces of ice calved off the glacier with thunderous booms. Some brave guests opted to take a polar plunge into the chilly Pacific waters, emerging breathless and exhilarated.

While exiting Endicott Arm on our way to Juneau, guests heard from the two Grosvenor teacher fellows on board about their teaching philosophy and their plans for incorporating what they learned into their classrooms. The evening commenced with a spectacular show from a pod of humpback whales, where they appeared to bid us farewell with their tail flukes and flapping pectoral flippers.