Today we visited El Dorado, one of the spots explored by the Spanish. This area holds an immense diversity of wildlife. A system of tributaries feed the Maranon River.

Our first activity this morning was a walk on a sandy beach that is formed when the river is low, exposing the sediments on the shore. Here we found grasses of different species, the first vegetation established in bare soil. We encountered the nesting site of Amazonian terns and saw the newborn babies in their nests on the sand.

After a beautiful, relaxing walk, we explored El Dorado Creek, where a small community of fishermen and rice farmers is established.

We also enjoyed a presentation on the food and plants of the Amazon. We learned about the traditions and ancestral knowledge inherited by the people of the Amazon.

In the afternoon, we explored the forest on a skiff ride that took us deep into a blackwater lake. We had beautiful encounters with many colorful singing birds, including an incredible hoatzin in full display. We continued by the riverside and found a sloth feeding at the top of the trees. These animals move slowly enough that we could observe them and take lots of photos. The night creatures showed up at sunset. We spotted caimans, bats, night birds, and fireflies all over the place.