Today was our first morning in Baja California Sur, and we headed straight for one of the most important habitats in Magdalena Bay: the mangroves. Some guests spent the morning exploring by kayak and standup paddleboards while others cruised by Zodiac. Mangroves are habitats for a diversity of wildlife, including birds like herons, ravens, and mangrove warblers. Mangroves also serve as a nursery and habitat for undersea creatures like juvenile fish, bivalves, and sea turtles. Mangroves have a certain peaceful quality, and we relaxed and enjoyed the remoteness of the area.

In the afternoon, we explored Sand Dollar Beach. We were dropped off on the beach by Zodiac, and we hiked through the sand dunes until we could see the Pacific Ocean. The beach, no surprise, is covered in sand dollars and other seashells. We had a few hours to wander. Some of us chose to learn about sand dune plants, others took to photography, and some of us just walked wherever the winds called. It was a great first day in Magdalena Bay!