Today we woke up in the middle of the Southern Ocean. National Geographic Resolution was crossing the Drake Passage toward the Antarctic Circle. With an average speed of 16 knots, the Resolution was swiftly sailing through the waves.

During the day we could enjoy and learn about seabirds, geology, and the discovery of Antarctica, thanks to the talks of our expedition teams. Who knew we could see that many species of albatross around the ship? Even the royal albatross, which breeds in New Zealand.

Fog covered the ocean and surrounded the ship, snowflakes started falling around the ship, and cape petrels (or pintado petrels) came to greet the ship, flying around our vessel, looking with their inquisitive eyes at our guests taking photos from their balconies.

Today was a nice day to get familiar with the ship, explore all the decks, and find the best way to get out quickly when whales are encountered. While doing so, it's almost but impossible to not notice the artwork of the ship. So many interesting paintings, designs, and photographs around the ship.

By the end of dinner we crossed the Antarctic Circle, and National Geographic Resolution pushed through ice, taking us through a landscape we will never forget.