“Good morning, good morning!“ It was the wakeup call from expedition leader Michael Jackson at 7am, with the update that National Geographic Explorer slipped into the foggy bay of Djupivogur.

Due to harbour constraints, our ship anchored offshore and guests were shuttled ashore through a very foggy morning, on our reliable Zodiacs to awaiting buses to begin our adventure for today.

The adventures for the day consisted of an option for the fit and energetic to enjoy a half morning of a hiking and walking excursion which leads through some small hills and eventually along the black sand beaches.

The second option being a bus ride through the Icelandic countryside to the glacial lagoon of Fjallsarion. This special place is breathtaking with its carving glacier and numerous icebergs and floating ice bits throughout the lagoon.

A great Iceland lunch was served at the Glacier restaurant which consisted of a herbal tomato soup with french baguettes and the infamous Icelandic cod served with tasty local spuds and accompanied by a beverage of your liking.

Many a tale was shared on board the buses by the local Iceland guides as they filled the air with stories of trolls, elves, superstitions and Icelandic history, tradition and culture.

A great day was had by all, which was capped off with an evening of iconic Icelandic melodies from Mirna and Julius, our onboard guest artists from Iceland.

Cheers, Lindblad Expeditions, well done.