We had such a successful scouting experience on Conception Island yesterday that we decided there was too much to do in one day. The easiest solution was to spend two days here to fit everything in!

We started today with an early riser beach walk for wildlife and bird sightings that departed for the beach as the sun made its way over the horizon. Those of us that are a bit more attached to our pillows in the morning departed for the beach later in the morning to join with the group and go for a long walk to the other side of the island. We crossed the plant-covered dunes and found ourselves on another stretch of white sandy beach with the wind blowing in our faces and waves crashing onto shore. As we made our way to the other end, we climbed up some beautiful bluffs to get a better look at all the patch reefs and the Atlantic Ocean stretching out endlessly to the east.

We decided to adventure further along the bluffs, exploring the plethora of plants and flock of intrepid mockingbirds. When we eventually made our way back to our landing beach, the water was so crystal clear that none of us could resist a rewarding swim to cool off as we awaited our rides back to the ship.

In the afternoon we returned to Conception Island one final time to continue our underwater exploration by snorkeling in another area of patch reefs.