This morning our guests were eager and had great expectations. For most of them it was the very first time ever to experience the extraordinary opportunity of walking inside a tropical rainforest. Once inside, you feel part of an intricate but wonderful maze of vegetation and sounds. Humidity and heat are very high, the latter are ideal conditions for a myriad of living creatures, plants and animals. We were surrounded by incredible biodiversity that ranged from tiny creatures to large vertebrates in an area known as Casual.  

All geared up with rubber boots and the company of three local native scouts from a nearby community, we explored the trail. We observed several rainforest creatures including a couple of frog and lizard species and some tarantulas as well. During the walk, a beautiful and iconic snake species was spotted, a red-tailed boa.

In the afternoon, we explored a very narrow creek known locally as Pahuachiro Caño. Several bird species were spotted, admired and photographed from the comfort of our skiffs. At sunset we came back to Delfin II, our home away from home during this week´s expedition. During cocktail hour and dinner, we shared our sightings and anecdotes of the day.