An early morning bird walk took us ashore at Careening Bay by sunrise. After stopping at a massive, historic boab tree, we searched for birds. Cockatoos flew overhead while honeyeaters sang from the trees and flocks of finches searched for water. The highlight for me was a bower of the great bowerbird. This incredible construction is composed of a stick tunnel surrounded by gray stones and white coral and shells. Such a beautiful dance platform!

Late in the afternoon, we landed at the perfect beach for sunset. With sandstone cliffs towering above us and lush vegetation, this spot was spectacular. The hotel team brought over drinks, and we were spoiled like usual. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we headed back to the ship for another delicious meal. To finish the day, we all gathered on the top deck for some stargazing, completing another glorious day here in the Kimberley.

Photo caption and photographer: The bower of a great bowerbird. Photo by Mike Greenfelder