Humpback whales fed alongside hundreds of Adelie penguins in Antarctic Sound on our approach to morning excursions at Brown Bluff.  Here, we Zodiac cruised amongst icebergs and porpoising penguins, observing a leopard seal and viewing the majestic scenery of a large Adelie penguin colony running along volcanic cliffs. We spotted glaciers and fantastical clouds in the near distance. Ashore, the beach was alive with icebergs and streams of penguins seeking the perfect launching point into the surf. We passed nesting gentoo penguins tending young chicks on our way to the large Adelie colony. There is always so much going on in a penguin colony, and we were mesmerized by the activity of our bipedal brethren.

On our transit from the east side of the Antarctic Peninsula, we discovered active groups of humpback whales cooperatively feeding, making fast fluking dives, explosive exhalations, and bubble walls to corner their prey.