We boarded the skiffs in the early hours to start our activities in Belluda Forest. We started by exploring the shore of the Ucayali River. We spotted raptors, songbirds, and parrots as we admired the landscape. Later, we disembarked for a forest walk. As soon as we landed, we encountered a troop of saddle-back tamarins having breakfast in a tree. There were around ten individuals, and they were all very relaxed and having fun. Certainly, this was the best moment of the morning. We watched and photographed them for more than thirty minutes.

In the afternoon, we landed at Dorado Beach for swimming and some drinks. This was the moment for the Amazon Plunge! The day was perfect, and the water temperature was as warm as a swimming pool. We spent about an hour swimming and exploring the beach as we had some drinks. In the late afternoon, we planned a walk along Dorado Beach for birdwatching and exploration. As soon as we landed, we had the feeling of being transported to a desert with dunes and white sand all around! Just a hundred yards away, though, green grass from the river swamps began leading visitors to the eternal and endless green of the largest jungle on earth! With its diversity of bird species, the rainforest was the highlight of our afternoon outing.

This has been a great day! I can’t wait to see more.