Our early, optional knock-knock (louder today!) came at 0540 and off we went…for just a half hour…before it started to pour rain! We got wet, but we were rewarded for getting up early with sightings of squirrel monkeys. Some of us spotted two tayras, predatory mammals in the weasel family.

The after-breakfast skiff exploration of Belluda Cano was very productive. We found both blue-and-yellow and scarlet macaws, several species of parrots, and a small toucan–the chestnut-eared aracari. We also observed six three-toed sloths and a lovely family of Isabel’s saki monkeys feeding in a treetop just beside the river.

Our outing up the black water Dorado River in the afternoon/evening was equally successful. We counted sloths numbers seven and eight, and found yet another species of primate: the nocturnal, hole-dwelling owl monkey. We saw macaws and toucans and enjoyed a sunset champagne toast. After it was dark, we discovered several caiman by using spotlights. Wow! Another great day!