We were up early today to climb to the top of the island of Bartholomew, which is an open book of geology to understand the formation and colonization of the islands by plants and animals. In addition to this, it has a spectacular landscape. About 400 steps protect the island from erosion and facilitates people reaching the top of it easier.

After breakfast, we got suited up to explore the water and its fantastic life composed of all kinds of creatures, some of them unique to here. Right from the beginning, we encountered the equatorial penguins standing on the rocks. After some time, they entered the water to swim around us curiously and gracefully. Many different types of fish, stingrays, and sharks under the rocks make this area truly enjoyable and fascinating.

Later we navigated to reach the northern part of Santa Cruz, where we visited Dragon Hill to spot the prehistoric-looking land iguanas. Upon landing we met several sea birds flying around and diving for fish. Marine iguanas were basking in the sun before or after going in the sea for algae. The interior trail went through a Palo Santo forest that opened to a small ash-made hill, which is mostly occupied by iguanas. In fact, several of them were right in front of us, large and beautiful with very quiet smiles.

This combination of colored landscape and special wildlife area gives us another day of joy in the Galapagos. The exploration continues tomorrow when we visit Floreana.