Today we woke up in the beautiful Bahia de Loreto National Park. As the moon set, we watched a gorgeous sunrise as we gathered on the bow in search of wildlife. The coastline was alive with pelicans, endemic yellow-footed gulls and the occasional red-billed tropicbird. We eagerly scanned the horizon looking for the telltale blows of whales. We saw the occasional bighorn sheep as it crossed the cardon cactus-dotted shore. It wasn’t long until our naturalist team spotted a puff of air that signified a whale. As we got closer, we saw the rare sight of a fin whale through binoculars.

After an hour with these magnificent cetaceans, we sailed north to Isla Danzante. Along the way, we heard an amazing presentation from Greg Marshall, National Geographic guest speaker.

Upon arriving, our deckhands dropped kayaks and Zodiacs to prepare for snorkeling in the amazing coral reefs of Baja California. Our expedition team took us snorkeling and exploring the incredible ecosystem on our last day in Baja California Sur.

Once we were back from our excursions, we were whisked away to a secluded beach where our hotel team had an amazing BBQ and fire pit setup. We ate fresh grilled food and then roasted s’mores as the sun set on our last night in Baja. As the stars came out, certified photo instructor Shayne used a UV light to find scorpions, and undersea specialist Carlos was able to bring us close to these amazing creatures.

A short ride back to the ship brought us home for the last night aboard, as we watched the slideshow and shared stories about our amazing time onboard. This has truly been a remarkable week and we have created memories that will last a lifetime.