We had an incredible day in Bahia Almejas, the southern bay within Bahia Magdelena. We spent time with more gray whales than we could count. Our permitted pangueros, local fishermen from Puerto Chale, have exceptional knowledge about navigating this sometimes challenging area. With Isla Santa Margarita in the background, we watched and photographed gray whales spyhop, breach, mate, and swim right up to the side of our pangas. We had a rare day where 100% of our guests got the honor of touching a whale with up to seven whales around our boats at one time. The look on the children's faces after having such a special experience was the highlight of the day for our staff. Due to lucky timing and a high morning tide, we were able to travel back to National Geographic Sea Bird via an inside mangrove passage, allowing us to see multiple bird species including herons, cormorants, and brown pelicans. This high tide allowed us to get close and personal with the magnificent frigatebird colony of Isla Santa Margarita. We even got to see some males with their red gular pouches inflated as they tried to attract the females. We ended our night with a Mexican fiesta on board while passengers and staff shared photos, videos, and favorite moments of the day with each other.