Under cloudless skies and placid seas, we set forth on our quest to investigate the enigmatic cetaceans of Bahia Almejas. A bright and shining optimism gave way to joy, when within minutes we found ourselves among these gentle giants. There was surfacing, there was spyhopping, there was rolling. We observed many behaviors that led us to believe that males were interacting with females. And that was all before lunch!

It was so amazing that, after a decadent meal, we decided to go right back out there and do it again. While the morning was amazing, the afternoon turned it up a notch. One whale took a particular liking to us and would not let us be. This whale insisted on visiting all of our boats multiple times, showering us with exhalations. Our morning joy gave way to afternoon exuberance as we all reveled in the great gift bestowed upon us by this animal.