The first half of the day was spent sailing through Greenland’s wonderful waters. Even though there were no operations during the first half of the day, there was nothing lacking. Our wonderful underwater specialist, Amy Malkoski, gave a very informative talk called Plastic Planet, which gave us information about plastics in our oceans. Shortly after, our scientist aboard, Dzmitry Lukashanets, gave us an incredible talk about microfauna, called Hidden Life on Earth’s Edge.

Our afternoon was a real expedition afternoon. National Geographic Explorer anchored in Ataneq Fjord, and the guests went ashore. Even though a few mosquitos greeted them, it did not stop anyone! Everyone went off to do their own activities. Carlos Navarro and Sisse Brimberg, our National Geographic photographer, led a photographic walk. Others joined our wonderful naturalists for different adventures.

Our day in Ataneq Fjord marks the end of our wonderful trip. It has been fourteen incredible days that have blessed us with good weather and great times. The Captain’s Cocktail Party was held, and our wonderful Captain gave his speech, and even though it was fantastic, it always carries some sadness because it means that the trip has come to its end.