Today was our second day at sea from South Georgia to the Falklands. While many of us focused on editing photos from the past days or looking ahead to what the Falklands would bring, others concentrated on the birds surrounding the ship. Some of those birds, such as wandering albatrosses and sooty shearwaters, breed on South Georgia and the Falklands, respectively. However, another group of birds from a different island group held our focus today.

The Tristan da Cunha group, including Gough Island, is situated to the far northeast of our current location. These islands are home to many seabird species, and quite a few of these were abundant around the ship today. We spotted many great shearwaters, soft-plumaged petrels and gray petrels today. All breed in the Tristan group and are on long feeding journeys in this direction.

Tomorrow, we will focus on the wildlife of the Falklands. It was nice to spend today thinking about not only how far we have come on this trip, but how far many of the birds have, too.