We have been making great time as we journey toward the Falkland Islands. As expected, there has been a bit of movement on the ship for the past two days. National Geographic Resolution is performing just as she is meant to, and we’ve been cruising at a steady 15+ kn since we left South Georgia. We have enjoyed some very interesting presentations, including an introduction to the species of birds we may encounter in the Falklands, a very productive talk about climate change and how we can help, and another that focused on the Falkland War.

Sea days are a great time to catch up on rest, enjoy the presentations offered in the Ice Lounge, do a little birding out on the decks and just enjoy the company of our fellow travelers. Some of us spent a bit of time up on the bridge. We learned more about this magnificent ship and her impressive capabilities.

As we approach the Falkland Islands and prepare for more off ship operations tomorrow, I can feel the excitement growing. These islands are certainly majestic in their own way and are one of the lesser-known highlights of this expedition. We plan to make the most of the rest of our expedition together, and we are excited to share wonderful experiences in nature with our guests. It is wonderful to share these incredible experiences with enthusiastic guests who are always eager to learn. It is truly remarkable to think about all that we have accomplished on this expedition already, and we still have several days of exploring left. In some ways, it feels like we have done more in the past two weeks than some get to do in a lifetime.