Another gorgeous sunny day on Sea Cloud sailing the blue seas of the Mediterranean! Captain John Svendsen and his crew hoisted sails after breakfast, and guests could be found gazing with wonder around the outer decks. Many smiling faces turned upward watching the sure-footed crew climbing into the rigging and using the ship’s original winches with ease, while the bridge team kept the sails trim. Lindblad Historian David Brotherson offered a lecture on “Sicily, Crossroads of the Mediterranean,“ and guests spent a leisurely morning listening to the waves while napping on Blue Lagoon cushions, writing postcards, sharing photos, and getting information on upcoming departure arrangements from their Assistant Expedition Leader Alex Van Nostrand.

The deck team was hard at work throughout the afternoon tending Sea Cloud’s hardware and wooden panels from the ravages of salt water, a never-ending task! National Geographic Lecturer Dr. Bill Saturno shared an extended history of “The Mediterranean World“ with a series of maps and stories from anceint Rome to the modern day.

The galley team delighted all with tea time snacks of local Italian buffalo mozzerala sandwich bites and “baba au rhum“ with coconut ice cream. Expedition Leader Paula Tagle presented guests a fascinating “History of the Sea Cloud,“ and guests in the original cabins opted to showcase their stunning staterooms for the rest of the ship to experience. All enjoyed the opportunity to glam it up for the Open House and see the unique decor of each room with specialty cocktails, and were particularly impressed by the bathtubs and fireplaces! It was a marvelous window into the rich and varied history of the region and our beautiful home-at-sea, followed by a beautiful sunset.