After bidding a fond farewell to South Georgia yesterday, we settled back into our first full day at sea. With a minimal swell and some light winds, we made the most of the day’s activities and the numerous excellent lectures on offer. There was plenty of wildlife on offer, too, including the usual suspects – albatrosses, storm petrels, petrels, and shearwaters – soaring gracefully alongside the ship.

Following a wholesome breakfast in Two Seven Zero and C. Greens, we were treated to the story of glaciers on South Georgia by our resident “Ice Man,” naturalist Eric Ruth. Shortly afterwards, our resident bird expert and often a native of South Georgia, Jamie Coleman, told us about past and present science projects being conducted on and around the island.

After another brilliant lunch from the galley team, some of us sorted through the mass of photos we took over the past few days and submitted “just one” to the photography team for feedback later in the evening. Following our photo submissions, naturalist and dive leader Maya told us about the secret life of krill, the fuel for so many creatures in the Southern Ocean.

With our energy resupplied after tea at C. Greens, we enjoyed the final lecture of the day from historian Pelin about Carl Larsen and the whaling industry. Our expedition staff gave us more great stories and insights during evening recap before we settled down to another fabulous dinner on the high seas. The day concluded with some brilliant photos shared in the Ice Lounge. Photography experts Doug, Eric, and Michael cast a keen and critical eye over each image.