An early morning with dusty decks – the result of being close to land yesterday. But the skies will offer some cleansing while we head through stacks of rain-bearing clouds as we sail north. The curtains of rain obscure the horizon but a faint sun in the east still has the power to light up rainbow colors against the huge cumulus clouds in the west, illuminating the start to our day.

Coffee shared with guests outside as we discuss our latest travels and the books that inspire us – the beauty of shared travel is the insight into the lives of others. The causality? A curiosity of spirit and the intention never, it seems, to be still – never to let a moment pass. That is what brings us out into the shared spaces of the ship. To misuse our time on this precious earth is to deny our humanity. Travelling with like minds is, to my mind, the best way of ensuring we never lose purpose. To seek, to find, and not to rest.