We are headed west, onward toward French Polynesia. National Geographic Resolution spent the day at sea as we motored toward our final destinations in French Polynesia. This is our final day at sea on a trip filled with many enjoyable sea days.

We spent the day relaxing, catching up on our photo uploads, and attending several excellent lectures. As has occurred every sea day this voyage, a yoga class was offered by our excellent wellness specialist Kat in the afternoon.

Lectures on offer were as follows: “Top Environmental Issues of the Ocean, Part 2,” with Joe Holliday; “South Pacific Stories,” with Jennifer Kingsley; “Marae,” with Tua Pittman; and a photo feedback session with our photo team, Michael Nolan and Nitye Sood.

Of course, there was plenty of sightseeing from the bridge and the upper decks as seabirds and flying fish darted alongside the ship all day.