On the last full day of our expedition on the amazingly biodiverse Peruvian Upper Amazon, we had an early visit to the Amazon Natural Park. In this privately-owned reserve, we crossed a small lagoon on catamarans, then walked to a long suspension bridge. We had the joy of walking in a primary forest and listening to our expert Delfin II naturalists talking about plant species and other fascinating aspects of rainforest ecology in the neotropics.

In the afternoon, we explored the Yanayacu River — first by kayaking, and later by skiff rides. This beautiful river is covered with thick vegetation; here our naturalists and skiff drivers spotted several species of colorful birds, as well as three-toed sloths. We saw many pink river dolphins as well.

In the evening, we watched the guest slide show of the week. Farewell cocktails and dinner were a golden finale for our successful expedition in this remarkable region of our planet.