Wellness Specialist

Tessa Taft

Tessa is here to keep you energized and offer you new perspectives on the life you live. From her own global traveling experiences and worldly educational background, she realized from the beginning to start asking: If not now, when?

The mountains of Colorado are Tessa’s home base, where she gets to explore the outdoors and feed her soul—however, globetrotting is her passion. With Lindblad she has the wonderful opportunity to enlighten you with what life truly has to offer your mind, body, and spirit through her teachings and treatments. While aboard take the chance to receive a Reiki treatment, healing holistically. She has been a Reiki master since 2015, and teaches Reiki courses around the globe, as well as do treatments, so ask her any questions!

Feel the need for more of a muscular release? Tessa has been a licensed massage therapist since 2016. Her unique, intuitive, massage techniques will promote optimal health and deeply satisfy.

She looks forward to keeping you empowered, balanced, and grateful for each moment as you expand awareness of your world, increasing energy flow and creating deeper connections inside and out. Tessa is truly grateful for the attraction of wonderful people, cultures, and adventures that have been interwoven into her life. Come talk to her about your own personal journey! She is looking forward to sharing time with each of you and enriching your adventure of a lifetime on this Lindblad expedition!