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Maguil Céspedes

Although Maguil was born in San Jose, he was raised in the countryside of Costa Rica, and it was this experience that provided him with a deep knowledge of and a profound love for the rural life of Central America.  It was this passion for nature that led Maguil to study biology at the University of Costa Rica, where he received his master’s degree in 2002. His thesis explored the genetic structure of big leaf mahogany, an endangered species of tree that is commercially extinct in much of Central America.

Aside from these studies, Maguil has worked on several projects at the University of Costa Rica related to the genetic structure of tree species from the tropical dry forest.  He has also worked for the Organization for Tropical Studies, Neotropica Foundation, as well as other non-governmental organizations in topics related to endangered species, the sustainable use of natural resources, Mangrove forest restoration and environmental education.

Maguil possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of botany, and he currently works as an academic coordinator for the Central American Institute for Biology and Conservation, where he has been involved in several field courses and training programs.  He has also been working as a naturalist guide for over 16 years, and leading natural history expeditions through central America with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has formed some of his most cherished experiences — sharing his love for the natural world and experiencing the wonder of that experience with fellow travelers.