Wellness Specialist

Laura McQueen

Lola was born and raised in Champaign-Urbana, IL, and has been an enthusiastic traveler since childhood. She grew up dancing, biking, camping, and swimming, and has kept active ever since. Cycling is her favorite form of transportation and after graduating with a degree in history from the University of Illinois, she biked across the United States, from NYC to San Francisco, cycling over 4,500 miles through 19 states. Upon her return to the Midwest, she started experiencing lower back pain which lead her to search out different therapies to find relief. That’s when she got her first massage...and she was hooked!

In 2015 she received her Associates Degree in Massage Therapy from Parkland College so that she could provide the same therapeutic support to those suffering from pain, or just looking to relax and find a haven from stress. Her focuses include Swedish, deep tissue, and traditional Fijian massage. 

She is excited to explore nature with you, through hiking, swimming, and kayaking, and also provide restorative stretch classes and soothing relaxation to balance out the activities with nurturing calm and quiet.


My upcoming expeditions

Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey

Oct 7 2023
Oct 14 2023