Kerry Deaver

As a Southern California native, Kerry has spent a lifetime playing outside.  From learning to sail small boats as a child, playing volleyball at a high level, to mountain climbing up and down the West Coast.  Time and circumstances combined to wind down the volleyball and mountain climbing, leading to her commitment to sailing.

Kerry has well over 60,000 miles of blue water sailing, much of it racing many times to Hawaii.  Her sailing travels have taken her all over the globe.  As well as the usual hot spots of the Mediterranean, Caribbean,and Pacific Islands, she has crossed the Atlantic, visiting Maderia and the Azores, Canaries, and Cape Verde Islands along the way. In addition to her home waters off the California Coast, Channel Islands, and numerous trips to Mexico, some of her more unique trips included sailing the Panama Canal, the Drake Passage to Antarctica and across the Mediterranean to Tunesia. Kerry’s passion for sailing extends to all things boat and the waters they float in.  Her conservation interests lie in keeping the oceans and lee shores free of the plastics that are overwhelming the seas.