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Jonathan Fuhrmann

Originally from Vienna, Austria, Jonathan lived in England for 11 years before rediscovering his love for his hometown and its proximity to the Alps. He studied Glaciology at the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, undertaking fieldwork on the slopes of Mont Blanc and studying the western margins of the Greenland ice sheet.

Having worked as a science communicator at the British Antarctic Survey and the Natural History Museum in London, Jonathan is particularly interested in a range of scientific topics including climate science, astronomy, palaeontology and volcanology as well as photography.

Jonathan has been guiding on expedition ships since 2015 and has worked on all seven continents as a geologist, glaciologist and Assistant Expedition Leader. He has had the privilege to visit some of the world’s most remote, untouched and beautiful places, but his curiosity is insatiable!

In his free time, Jonathan likes to travel to and photograph rarely visited parts of the world. You will most likely find him on a hiking trail, up a mountain or sampling the local sweets and pastries...

My upcoming expeditions

Wild Greenland Escape

Jul 12 2024
Jul 17 2024