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Jayden O'Neill

Jayden O'Neill is a Marine Biologist, Photographer, Videographer, and Naturalist from the East coast of Australia. Beginning his career working as a fisheries Biologist off the coast of Vancouver Island in Canada, he made the move back to Australia where he continued in this field for 5 years, taking him to far flung regions of the world, from the Sub-Antarctic regions of Heard and McDonald Islands to the Coral Sea South of Papua New Guinea.

With a passion for the earth's natural environment, he made the move into the world of science communication, using his Marine Biology background and access to remote areas of the world to showcase its breath-taking natural beauty through the art of Photography and Filmmaking, hoping to connect people back to nature.

As an Explorer, communicator and Biologist, Jayden believes that humans have a responsibility to nurture the fragile environments in which we live, and he hopes to use his camera to inspire others and increase awareness of the need for conservation, so we can all enjoy the wonders of nature far into the distant future.