Special Guest Speaker

Jamling Tenzing Norgay

Jamling Tenzing Norgay, son of the Everest pioneer Tenzing Norgay, did not idle in the shadow of paternal legacies. He is a member of a living dynasty of climbers, with 11 of his relatives summiting Mount Everest. Jamling's spiritual journey has led him to an attachment to the Himalayan region and its magestic jagged 8000-meter peaks.

Because of his acclaimed mountaineering expertise, Jamling is a highly sought after guide who leads novices and experts alike into his hazardous domain, maintaining an ancient family profession in a modern era. Based upon his experience and reputation as a world renowned mountaineer, Jamling was also chosen as the climbing leader of the international climbing team that created the awe-inspiring IMAX documentary film, Everest. Jamling recently entered the literary world with Touching My Father's Soul, an international bestseller and poignant reflection on his relationship with his father and his own 1996 Everest ascent.

Physical accomplishments aside, Jamling has been instrumental in bringing much needed social services to many of the more remote Himalayan villages. His philanthropic contributions are as valued and honorable as his mountaineering endeavors