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James MacLetchie

Since being fostered in the Outer Hebrides at six, James has been immersed in the ancient Gaelic and crofting culture. He was taught that everything in nature has its place and is precious and that speaking the Gaelic language was the doorway that opened the pathway to the ancient world. As a child, he spent his days exploring the pristine environment of the Outer Hebrides, from its endless sandy beaches to its incredible Machair habitat and uncovering its hidden treasures of archaeology, geology, wildlife, song, and stories.

Growing up in a small, tight-knit community, his life was enriched by those incredible local people who shared their knowledge and wisdom with him. From these treasured moments, he grew with a deep passion for the natural world and everything in it.

Over the past thirty-five years, James has continued exploring far-flung places of the natural world and remote cultures. In his roles as Lobster Fisherman, Countryside Ranger, Eco Travel Ambassador, Tourism Trainer, Fishing Guide, Photographer and Gaelic TV presenter, James has been fortunate to continue to follow his passion for the environment, wildlife and remote places.

James has also worked on nature and cultural heritage projects in the Falkland Islands, Iceland, Estonia, Norway, Hungary, and Ireland. Through these projects he gained a more profound understanding of cultural heritage and the fragility of peripheral locations. Over the past fifteen years, James has been an on-screen contributor for many Tv programs, including being the inspiration behind Monty Hall's 6-part series on the BBC, "The Great Hebridean Escape", as well as hosting three Gaelic programs, "Cuamhachdh a Yoik" Power of the Yoik with the Sami in Lapland and Sgeulachdh a Ghillie - The Ghillie Story and "Na h-Eilean a Falcanach - The Falkland Islands.

James loves introducing you to his world of islands and helping you discover their beautiful soul through his passions and deep love for the natural world.