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Jack DiMarchi

Jack initially studied forestry before changing his major and getting his BS in Geology at Colorado State University in 1978. In 1979 he moved to Alaska where his geology field work and love for everything outdoors kept him fully immersed there for the next 37 years.

In 1981 Jack staked 20 acres of remote land in Alaska’s Talkeetna Mountains and built and maintains a second home in the “bush” complete with solar power. It remains a focal point for him and his family. He became a private pilot in 1984 and enjoyed many years of bush flying supplemented with hiking, climbing, kayaking and skiing.

Jack has worked and travelled throughout Alaska including Southeast Alaska, the Brooks and Alaska Ranges, Alaska Peninsula, the Interior, Seward Peninsula and the Talkeetna Mountains. Jack’s geology work has also brought him to Mexico, Peru, and Suriname. In addition to his extensive geology work Jack has worked in the environmental permitting realm with the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and served on the Alaska State Board of Forestry.

Jack has always been drawn to the wilderness. This is something that has steadily grown into a dedication to experiencing wild places wherever he can. In these pursuits Jack has travelled to Indonesia, Australia, Antarctica and Africa. Jack currently works as a self-employed environmental consultant, lives in Seattle, and loves tinkering on classic Land Rovers.