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Emily Mall

Emily proudly grew up in the state of Michigan, doing whatever she could to experience and get to know our natural world. She carries a degree in zoology and public policy and worked in an agroecology lab throughout her time in school. Discovering the intricate relationships of insects and plants took her to Cuba and New Zealand to learn about sustainable agriculture practices. Emily’s maritime career began when she moved down to Key West, Florida to volunteer at a non-profit that reaches out to citizens and students about marine science and coral conservation. Hopping on 52’ foot schooners, Emily started working as a guide taking guests kayaking through mangrove forests and snorkeling among sponge gardens.
Wanting to explore the polar regions, Emily headed to Alaska to work on wildlife cruises where she fell in love with exploring Alaska’s vast wilderness. This eventually led her to joining Lindblad Expeditions as a deckhand in Baja California, Mexico and has since joined Lindblad as a naturalist.
Happiest when cleaning up pollution from the ocean and forest trails, Emily encourages everyone to take whatever steps they can to protect our wonderful planet; whether that’s cleaning up trash whenever you step outside, supporting environmentally conscious initiatives, or participating in citizen science projects and events!