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Cherese Taggart

Cherese grew up on an island in Washington, playing in tide pools and running amuck along the beaches. She now lives on a sailboat, lovingly restoring the fifty-year-old girl to her former glory to sail up and down the west coast.

Always a book worm with a taste for adventure, Cherese has educated and immersed herself into the wildernesses of the world for a decade, after all, experience is the best teacher. Having graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2010, Cherese was a traveling chef for a few years before she found the magic of life on the water. Starting out as a deckhand she worked her way up, earning her Captains license and spending time as a mate on various small cruise ships before combining all her passions and pursuing life as a naturalist.

Cherese has spent the last ten years at sea, following the humpback whales between Alaska and Hawaii, spotting colorful birds in the Central American jungles, standing guard looking for polar bears in Svalbard and waddling aside the penguins of Antarctica. She has volunteered her time taking care of Olive Ridley sea turtles in Mexico and teaching children the wonders of sailing on various tall ships in the Pacific and Atlantic. On shore time, she loves taking care of her sailboat and cruising to the next destination, kayaking along the shorelines to find a good hike. Finishing out the day with a hot cup of tea, a book, and dreaming of the next destination.