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Birgit Aikman

Birgit grew up in Germany and initially studied English, French and Spanish. She then travelled extensively in most Continents and Oceania and discovered her passion - people's cultures and studied anthropology. She arrived in New Zealand in 1989 with her husband, where she graduated in Computer Science. For 25 years she has worked in the tourism industry, specializing in cruise ship passengers and cultural study tours in her field. Apart from anthropology, she loves natural science, especially flora and fauna, as well as history, contemporary subjects and more. You can often find her investigating plants, animals, or new cultures. Birgit enjoys people, especially friendly ones and looks forward to welcome everyone. She still lives in Auckland in her chosen home country New Zealand.

My upcoming expeditions

Kimberley Expedition: Australia’s Wild Northwest

Jul 7 2023
Jul 17 2023
Jul 27 2023