Assistant Expedition Leader

Annie Robinson

Annie’s parents were hippies, and some of her best memories are as a small child dressed in tie-dye being hauled around music festivals in a squeaky wagon. She grew up in a small agricultural town on California’s central coast. Surrounded by fields of strawberries and artichokes, she learned Spanish early through immersion in communities of migrant labor. In high school, she spent a year abroad as an exchange student in a small town in northern Argentina. Those formative experiences sparked ongoing investment in Latin culture and landscape and when she is not working, Annie often gets lost in the jungles of Costa Rica or the side streets of rural Mexico.

After finishing a certificate in massage therapy in 2011, Annie decided she never wanted to give another massage in her life. In search of both a home and a job, she cold-called Lindblad Expeditions. Over the past decade, she has found both of those things aboard the ships of the Lindblad fleet. From ripping out carpets to conducting customs negotiations, cleaning cabins to creating complex spreadsheets, Annie has held many different positions onboard. Her specialty is facilitating smooth interface between complex systems, ensuring that all shipboard departments play together nicely. She knows the answers to all your questions.

Annie is passionate about making attractive and useful things from the discarded and obsolete, and generally tries to break cycles of waste in pursuit of beauty and pragmatism. On her perfect day, she would ride her bike in the rain and squish her toes into the lush groundcover of a mossy temperate rainforest.

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