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Andrew Opila

Andrew Opila is an outdoor photographer & filmmaker who specializes in telling stories about extraordinary human accomplishments in wild, hard to reach places. He grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where he fell in love with the natural world and an active lifestyle. As an Eagle Scout, avid outdoorsman, and artist, he is most at home telling stories where education, exploration and the human experience collide. For him, the camera goes beyond simply capturing stunning images - it's about connecting people with ideas, in hopes of motivating and inspiring change.

With a degree in Broadcast Journalism & Entrepreneurial Business from Gonzaga University (Go Zags!), Andrew has spent the past decade traveling the world on almost every mode of transportation available; directing, shooting and editing a variety of projects. From documenting earth science students on an eight week ski traverse across Alaska's Juneau Ice Field, to filming, climbing and studying glaciers in the unexplored reaches of Cordillera Darwin, Andrew is comfortable - with the uncomfortable.>As a Video Chronicler, it is an honor to film such untouched, exquisite places in an effort to tell a visually stunning, authentic story for you to share with your loved ones back home. When he's not working, you can find Andrew with friends, deep in the mountains - skiing, climbing, making pictures, or gravel biking...with his cell phone turned off.

My upcoming expeditions

Exploring British Columbia and the San Juan Islands

Sep 30 2023
Oct 7 2023
Oct 14 2023