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Alex Harper

Alex Harper is based in Southern Nevada, where he spends most of his time as a freelance naturalist, science communicator, birding guide, speaker, and writer. He serves on the board of directors for the Las Vegas-based Audubon chapter, as well as multiple committees for various organizations related to wildlife and habitat conservation. 

Alex did not imagine ending up in Las Vegas. He grew up between the mangrove bays and Florida Everglades in the Miami area. His free time as a kid was often spent getting bitten by lizards, climbing trees, and staining his clothes in estuarine mud. From an early age, he gravitated towards marine mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and birds. 

It would be birds that ultimately captivated his curiosity and became the primary focus of his interests. Over the course of his professional career, he has conducted bird population counts across the western United States for the National Park Service and the renewable energy industries, been a birding guide on the Pribilof Islands of Alaska and a remote Amazon lodge and counted migratory hawks in the Florida Keys.

The desire to share the beauty of the natural world gets Alex out of bed in the morning. He believes that there is no shortage of opportunities to be moved by the natural world, to experience awe and wonder in it, and that it is through connecting people with nature that we can value it enough to preserve its functioning ecosystems. For this reason, he owns and operates Nature in Mind, a business that brings wellness and science together for kids and adults of all ages.

Alex loves to swap stories and learn from his colleagues and Lindblad guests. Alex enjoys hiking, trail running, photography, reading, writing, and practicing mindfulness. He is grateful and proud to step foot on Lindblad ships to keep him wild.