Assistant Expedition Leader

Adrienne Bosworth

Adrienne’s favorite things are rain and smoothly constructed sentences. Most days, she’d choose a rocky beach over a sandy one, and if possible would survive happily on smoked salmon. For most of her adult life Adrienne has worked on Expedition ships in some capacity, and she finds distinct satisfaction in wrangling logistics both onboard and ashore. Waking up to whales, sea birds, and remote coastlines allows for inarguably the best commute, and the best office.

Growing up in Alaska on the outskirts of Glacier Bay National Park, she didn’t use a flush toilet for most of her childhood (she has since learned how). At her family’s homestead she played with halibut eyeballs like marbles and thought mooseburgers were pretty standard. Her parents worked in conservation and resource management and she feels at home when surrounded by naturalists and nerdy-folk of all sorts. 
Spending her education between five countries and six schools, Adrienne eventually settled at the University of Illinois for a Master’s Degree in American Literature. After several years in the Midwest, not surprisingly, the lack of topography and salty water drove her back to the coast. Adrienne’s ideal is to eventually integrate her experiences on ships into designing and teaching higher education courses in maritime literature. She enjoys knowing the answers to all expedition-related questions while onboard, so if given the chance, feel free to test her knowledge.