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Adrian Vasquez

Adrián is a media producer and communicator. He grew up in San Cristobal Island, Galapagos. In 2007, he began his audiovisual career as a production assistant in the shooting and editing of a documentary of Araucaria XXI, which collected the interests of the Galapagos community. From there, he worked as a media producer for several private and public institutions.

Because of his work, he was selected to travel as a photographer and cultural manager representing Galapagos in the UK for the "Galapagos Residency project". Likewise, in 2014, he worked as a local production assistant for an episode of the “The BBC Natural World” - Galapagos: Islands of change TV series, directed by Richard Wollocombe. On two occasions, he has held the position of ministerial communications and video production advisor in the Government Council of Galapagos. In 2017, Adrián started a media production enterprise called "Archipiélago Films", located in San Cristóbal. This has allowed him to work with different agencies, institutions, and national and international NGOs and to collaborate as a local producer for renowned Ecuadorian film directors. It has also permitted him to continue with his project "Audiovisual Collective of San Cristóbal", which promotes audiovisual arts among the local youth.

His vision has always been focused on sustainable development and the importance of raising awareness about the conservation of the Galapagos fragile ecosystem, through art and culture.